OMS was incorporated in July 1999 in Singapore, relocated from OM Resources (HK) Ltd (OMR) Hong Kong to Singapore. Created from the experience and reputable knowledge of its founder, Mr Low Ngee Tong, in the China raw materials market, OMR was incorporated in 1994 to explore business opportunities in China.


Today, OMS has become the strategic marketing hub of the OMH Group. It has become a creditable and well recognized importer, processor and trader of specialized metal materials and products. OMS focus on developing new markets, expand and enhance the range of raw materials being marketed and maintains its special quality.


Leverage on the expertise and relationships of its founder and management in China, OMS has been able to develop a niche in the specialized raw materials market. This has involved the contract sale of mineral commodities and ferroalloys, including sourcing and contract manufacturing on behalf of Chinese raw materials factories.


OMS specializes in developing mutually beneficial co-operative arrangements with the world's major mining corporations and commodity trading houses. The group has over the years developed a strong relationship with major steel mills in Asia.


OMS continues to expand its distribution networks in Asia and Europe respectively. It also has an excellent reputation with many other major corporations which are large mine owners and they provide opportunities for the group to expand its trading alliances and agencies.


This concentration of key business operatives would enhance:


Through the customer orientation and marketing strategy, OMS is optimistic about extending its market leadership and emerging as one of the top 3 largest raw materials supplier and trader.


There would be the concomitant expansion in the other business areas of investing in mines and processing facilities, research and development and third party supply chain management and services.


OMS is the centre of international marketing of the OMH Group. It continues to explore potential marketing opportunity and strategic alliances for Manganese, Chrome and Iron product for the OMH Group.


Being centralized with the key management in Singapore, OMS operates as a policy control center, marketing strategy leader and an administrative link for the OMH Group.