HSE Policy Statement

Health, Safety, & The Environment

Health, Safety and Environment (“HSE”) at OMH are intrinsically linked to the way we work. We are strongly focussed on completing daily tasks in a safe manner, looking out for our fellow colleagues and ultimately delivering from our projects in a manner in which we are proud of and in which we have respect to the communities and environments surrounding our projects.

HSE Programs

OMH is committed to achieving the highest possible performance in occupational health and safety across all its business operations with a target to eliminate incidents and injuries on every project.  The operating subsidiaries of OMH have successfully rolled out a number of safety initiatives such as Safe Act Observations being programs designed to improve safety performance. OMH also seeks to encourage where information sharing and communication between OMH’s projects to improve safety across the operating subsidiaries by learning and implementing continual improvements.

OH&S Management Systems

Our Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems at the operating subsidiary level are in compliance with National work health and safety legislation, code of practice  and applicable International Standards. Our operations are subject to continuous auditing by an external third party.  The OMH operating subsidiaries manage risk through a planned and careful approach focusing around hazard identification, minimisation, monitoring and control procedures, and by reviewing safety performance.

Environmental Management

OMH understands that responsible environmental management, within the resources sector, plays a significant role in ensuring sustainability of the regions in which we operate. OMH subsidiaries have demonstrated solid performance in managing and minimising the environmental impact of its mining and smelting projects and continues to ensure compliance with legislative requirements while working closely with stakeholders to meet community expectations.

OMH’s operating subsidiaries have implemented Environmental Management Systems to enable the consistent delivery of the highest level of environmental management across their respective mining and smelting projects. In order to identify environmental obligations and to set management procedures, every project undertaken involves careful environmental planning from project inception to the operational stages. Environmental professionals are engaged to monitor compliance with these obligations and encourage positive behaviours and high quality outcomes.  The OMH operating subsidiaries are aligned with international specification for Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 and industry best practices to ensure the highest environmental standards are adopted by its operations. Compliance with applicable legislation, standards and site specific authorisations are strictly monitored by external agencies on a regular basis and demonstrates the commitment shown by our management to continually improve the company’s environmental performance and business efficiency.

Indigenous Support

OMH via its mining and smelting subsidiaries has successfully employed and supported Indigenous people within its respective local based operation. OMH acknowledges that our long-term success depends on the well-being and development of the communities in which we operate. As a Company, we are committed to engage with Indigenous communities in building bridges to minimize cultural and socio values gaps and to provide enduring progressive opportunities to the workforce. This commitment has come to fruition through various programs which gives Indigenous candidates the opportunity to grow a career at OMH and gain valuable experience within the resources sector. 

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